#545 Ancient Star Myths and Modern Esoteric Meanings

Tonight, we explored the evidence that the world’s ancient myths, scriptures, and sacred stories are built upon a common foundation of celestial metaphor. David Warner Mathisen‘s newest book, Star Myths of the World, Volume Three: Star Myths of the Bible, offers a fresh, astronomical perspective on the ancient stories of the Bible. In the first hour, we dive into the latest astronomical and space-related news with filmmaker Christopher Everard. And in the 3rd hour of the broadcast, we welcome NYC neo-shaman Frank Castle and futurist technology consultant Sharon Barrington (al so known as “Nanogirl”)to discuss the latest technological breakthroughs and where they might lead humanity.

Christopher Everard - David Mathisen - Frank Castle - Nanogirl Chris Geo - Sheree Geo - Beyond The Veil Radio
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