# 541 ESP Wars: U.S. vs. Soviet Russia with Loyd Auerbach

 How does Parapsychology differ from the “paranormal field”? What are the educational opportunities for learning parapsychology or about the paranormal? How do ESP and Psychokinesis (mind over matter) fit in to people’s experiences with ghosts? How do psychic abilities really work? Author of ESP Wars: East and West, Loyd Auerbach describes the psychic spying programs of the US and Soviet Union/Russia and tells our listeners how to become paranormal investigators. In the first hour, Brent Thomas of TFR’s “Paranormal Portal”, shares his experiences and beliefs surrounding the validity of reported paranormal phenomena.

Loyd Auerbach - Brent Thomas - Chris Geo - Sheree Geo - Beyond The Veil Radioo
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